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The Spiritual Importance Of Wearing Gemstone Jewelry

The Spiritual Importance Of Wearing Gemstone Jewelry

Many people wear jewelry for various reasons. Some people wear it for aesthetic purposes, whereas others wear it for its spiritual importance. Keep reading our guide to the spiritual importance of jewelry if you’re interested in learning more.


Marriage isn’t always associated with religion, as many people are not religious. Marriage is more of a spiritual experience that joins the love and life of two people. To symbolize unity and the spiritual importance of this long term love knot, many people wear wedding rings. Specific crystals and gemstones are also associated with love. Rose quartz is often known as the stone to represent love, and wearing rose quartz jewelry is believed to promote self-love and has been used as a symbol of love for centuries. Someone seeking love may wear rose quartz to attract what they’re looking for, internally or externally.  


Many people utilize the spiritual importance of wearing jewelry during meditation via chakra healing or awakening by wearing gemstones or crystals associated with the chakras. There are seven chakras, and each chakra awakens a specific facet of that individual. Each chakra is also associated with a color, a purpose, and a location on the body. Wearing gemstone jewelry with a crystal that aligns with a specific chakra to promote awakening in areas such as intelligence, communication, or compassion is very common.


Another spiritual aspect of wearing jewelry is for the sake of protection. Many people believe that various crystals and gemstones possess qualities of protection. One example of a gemstone that’s said to protect an individual is a ruby. Another example is a talisman, which is an object believed to bring good luck. Talismans are often created to be worn as jewelry so that the individual feels protected.

The Spiritual Importance Of Wearing Jewelry

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