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Picture Jasper: Uses, Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

Picture Jasper: Uses, Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

Picture Jasper is a form of chalcedony, and like all Jaspers, it is a very nurturing stone. It is opaque and comes in a wide variety of colors, with swirls and patterns that can be breathtaking in their beauty. The term Jasper comes from the Greek and means “spotted stone”. It is very popular as a gemstone and has been used throughout the centuries by peoples of different traditions to make jewelry, carvings, seals, and talismans. 

Picture Jasper Stone

Meaning of Picture Jasper Stone

Picture Jasper shares many characteristics with Brown Jasper and is firmly connected to the Earth and the healing energies of our planet. It stabilizes and supports us during times of stress, bringing in a deep sense of peace and serenity and reminding us of our place in the Universe. 

Metaphysical Properties of Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper has a unique appeal during meditation. Its patterns are reminiscent of landscapes and the natural world. It seems as though a new picture is revealed every time you look at it, which helps the mind relax and engage in “mindful meditation”. This stone is said to encourage self-reflection and to help us sort through our memories and thoughts. It aids inner stillness and promotes a feeling of oneness with the universe. 

Picture Jasper is a useful aid to regression into past lives. It is said to clear negative energies from the aura and remove blocked or stagnant energy from the etheric body, releasing karmic effects from past trauma and allowing healing.

Picture Jasper has such a strong connection with our home planet that it is believed by many to embody the Earth mother speaking to her children. Within its patterns and pictures are hidden messages from the past. When these are interpreted, we can see how our past lives have impacted on our present reality. Deep healing takes place with Picture Jasper and envy, hatred, anger, and resentment are released from the energy body. Picture Jasper opens the way for love to enter and to heal mind, body, and soul. 

This stone has a comforting vibration that is beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety or groundless fears. Psychologically, Picture Jasper encourages us to engage in honest self-reflection and to allow feelings such as envy and bitterness to come to the surface so that we can let them go. 

Many believe that Picture Jasper connects Heaven and Earth, forming a “rainbow bridge” between the two and allowing for the easeful passage of souls when the time comes. Its calming reassurance can be called upon during times of loss and bereavement, alleviating grief and instilling positive feelings of hope and optimism for the future. 

Picture Jasper is a stone of vision and creativity. It is also said to be a stone of pragmatism and practicality so it may be helpful for beginning new ventures and businesses. 

Uses of Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper can be used to grid gardens and to encourage healthy growth in plants and trees. It is said to help with locating ley lines and chakra points in the Earth and is often used in rituals for healing the planet. 

Picture Jasper is also believed to be a creative stone and can be especially beneficial for psychic artists. 

Picture Jasper is aligned with the Base chakra as a grounding stone, although it is equally beneficial in clearing and balancing the energies of all seven primary chakras. It can be used to activate and energize the Base chakra when you are feeling “off balance” or ungrounded. When the Base chakra is in balance, it works to give us the safety and security we need in our everyday, material lives. It helps us feel stable and empowered so that we can manage our finances, relationships, duties, and responsibilities without being overwhelmed by them. 

On the other hand, when your Base chakra is blocked or holding onto stagnant energy, you may well feel as if you are cut off from the world, that the world does not care about you and that you are alone in your feelings of worry or fear for the future. A healthy flow of energy is needed in the Base chakra in two directions, both down into the Earth and upwards through your other chakras. Use Picture Jasper to remind you that you are always connected to the heart of the planet and that you can access the healing powers of nature at any time.

Wearing handmade jewelry with jasper stone beads is great way to take advantage of its properties.

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