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Seraphinite Meanings: Metaphysical Healing Properties & Uses

Seraphinite Meanings: Metaphysical Healing Properties & Uses

Seraphinite has an attractive appearance, with feathery silver patterns, like wings, running through a dark green background. It is a stone of spiritual enlightenment and has a subtle effect on the etheric body when used in meditation or trance work.

It is said to be a shamanic stone of great power when used in out-of-body journeying and working with the astral planes. It is said to protect the soul during such rituals and also to keep the physical body safe until the soul is ready to return.

Metaphysical Properties

Seraphinite has a beneficial effect on the Heart chakra and can be used to clear away energetic restrictions or blockages in this area, allowing the Heart to open up to giving and receiving love at every level, from the human to the divine.

Serapnite Textures Close Up

It is also a stone of the Crown and Higher Crown chakra, facilitating connections with the realms of angels and spirit.

To say that Seraphinite is a high vibration stone is to underestimate the power of the vibrations of this crystal. It has an exceptionally high energy output that can be felt as soon as it is touched. Even experienced crystal users report an immediate effect of warmth in their bodies, swiftly followed by a clearing of the mind when they hold this stone in their hands.   

Healing Properties

If you are looking for a stone to work with to enhance your emotional and mental awareness Seraphinite is an excellent choice. This special mineral can be called upon when you want to make radical changes to your life. It allows us to open our minds to questions about the way we are living day by day, our actions and the environments we allow ourselves to inhabit.

Seraphinite encourages us to take stock of even the smallest details of our lives that are causing us disharmony. When we try to live a life that is not in alignment with our core beliefs or with our true purpose, we set up tensions and discordances within our energy fields that eventually lead to either physical or mental ill health. This stone brings clarity of mind and a heightened sense of our own capabilities, intuition and intellectual awareness.

The result of the high vibrational cleansing of Seraphinite often leads to an individual taking stock of their entire life. After a period of intense self-reflection, you may find that you are able to let go of old thought patterns or behaviors that no longer serve you. You will then begin to attract the resources, people and ideas that you need in order to make healthy lifestyle changes that bring you into alignment with your true nature.

This is powerful healing at the metaphysical level and the results can be startling. People who have spent a lot of time pleasing others, or attending to others’ needs at the expense of their own, can feel an almost overwhelming sense of relief and joy when they allow themselves to let go of their conditioning or free themselves from the energetic drain that another person has been subjecting them to, sometimes for many years.

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