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Carnelian Agate: Stone of Courage and Leadership

Carnelian Agate: Stone of Courage and Leadership

Metaphysical Properties and Uses of Carnelian Agate

Carnelian Agate is a form of Chalcedony, which in turn is a member of the Quartz group of crystals. It occurs in beautiful, rich shades of orange, reminiscent of autumn leaves and sunsets. It has a bright, bold energy that brings in warmth and joy. It is both stimulating and empowering. Carnelian is a stone for courage and leadership and has inspired humans throughout our history.

Emotional Healing Properties

Carnelian soothes and heals the effects of abuse. It supports you if you are struggling to deal with trauma resulting from any kind of abuse, at any point in your life. It helps you to let go of old beliefs and negative conditioning that may stem from childhood experiences. It removes the fear associated with death and imparts an acceptance of the necessary cycle of life.

Carnelian gives courage and promotes positive life choices. It is especially helpful for feelings of lethargy, apathy and lack of motivation, whether in your personal or your business life. It helps you to really understand yourself, what makes you tick, what you need and what you are truly capable of achieving.

Mentally, Carnelian clarifies perception and promotes clear, analytical thinking. It removes “mind chatter” in meditation and allows the mind and body to relax into a state of trust, both of the self and the Universe. Carnelian encourages daydreamers to tune into reality, boosts self-confidence and brings a sense of purpose to anyone who feels they have lost their way in life.

Resonates with the Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra Symbol

Carnelian is a wonderful stone for balancing and healing the Sacral chakra. This chakra governs our creative potential and also our ability to enjoy life to the full. When it is restricted or blocked with stagnant energy, we may become depressed and unable to feel joy. A healthy Sacral chakra means that we are fully present, engaging with the wonders of life and creating new experiences, projects or dreams. We are also able to enjoy the pleasures of the senses, of physical movement, food, sex, love, friendship and creativity on any level. 

Carnelian is a powerful protector for the etheric and emotional bodies. It will help to guard you against negative emotions such as envy, anger, resentment and bitterness, whether this is your own or another’s.

**Gemstone metaphysical and healing property statements are for entertainment purposes only and do not substitute for professional medical advice. Consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you are seeking medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Tejas Beads does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of these statements.

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