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Dragons Bloodstone: Meditation and Metaphysical Healing

Dragons Bloodstone: Meditation and Metaphysical Healing

Dragon Blood Jasper is not actually a Jasper at all. It is a mixture of Epidote, which is the green mineral, and Piemontite, which gives it the red coloration. It is a powerful stone of creativity, courage and strength and can be used in a variety of ways to bring you a range of physical, spiritual and emotional benefits.

Dragon Blood Jasper Meaning 

Dragon Blood Jasper is a stone for perception and personal power and is renowned for its positive effects on the Life Force Energy, or Qi, which flows through both the physical and the etheric bodies.

Creating handmade jewelry with Dragons Blood beads is a great way to take advantage of it's benefits throughout the day.

Chakra Healing

One of the best ways to use Dragon Blood is to perform a chakra balance to awaken the Kundalini energy. This energy is represented as a serpent, coiled at the base of the spine, in Vedic and Yogic traditions. It is basically the fire within us that brings us passion, creativity and sexuality. Some people are wary of Kundalini energy and maintain that you should seek out an expert healer to help you to activate it. It is powerful, and it is vibrant, but, as long as you are aware of this there is no reason why you cannot perform the chakra healing on yourself. Place a piece of Dragon Stone on or near your Base chakra and breathe deeply for several breaths. Visualize the energies of the stone entering your Base chakra and rising up through all of the chakras to the Crown. Bring the energy back down the front of your body to the Base and begin the cycle again.

Polished Green and Red Dragon Blood Jasper Specimen


Another way to access the powers and benefits of Dragon Blood Stone is to meditate with it. Hold it in your hand as you enter a relaxed state, in readiness for meditation. The Epidote in Dragon Stone increases spiritual atonement and can help you to dispel any resistance to spiritual awakening. Take your awareness into the crystal in your hand and ask it to open your Third Eye and your Heart chakra to the love and benevolence of the Universe. Accept any signs or messages that may come to you during meditation and trust that their meaning will become clear, even if you feel that you do not understand them straight away.

Emotional and Psychological Healing

Wearing jewelry made from Dragons Blood Jasper is a good way of keeping the energies and vibrations of this powerful stone within your aura all day.

This crystal is perfect for anyone who is struggling to assert themselves and to use their personal power wisely. It helps with feelings of victimhood or martyrdom, encouraging you to look at your own strengths and weaknesses objectively and without self-criticism. It allows you to look at the behavior, actions and words of others in an equally objective way, without judgment.

Dragonstone is excellent for clearing the subtle and emotional bodies of stress, negative thought patterns, self-pity and anxiety. It keeps you centered and grounded no matter what the situation and ushers in positive, joyful, optimistic vibrations to lift your mood and spirits.

**Gemstone metaphysical and healing property statements are for entertainment purposes only and do not substitute for professional medical advice. Consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you are seeking medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Tejas Beads does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of these statements.

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  • Nov 02, 2021

    Hello, I’m am new with chakra and stones, I have always had a love for rare and not so rare stones just never knew my chi, so to speak. 😊 Cam you give me advice how to set up my stones and with what? Thank you in advance, looking forward to my journey.

    — Leigh Strebeck

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