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Best Crystals For Dreaming: Lucid, Good & Bad Dreams

Best Crystals For Dreaming: Lucid, Good & Bad Dreams

There are many crystals to choose from when you want to improve the quality of your sleep, but if your focus is on your dreams, you should look at more specific crystals depending on what you want to achieve. Dream work is bit like exploring uncharted territory, or diving into unseen waters within the brain. It can enable us to uncover and interpret completely new dimensions in our psyches and to understand those parts of our personalities or minds we usually keep hidden.

How Do We Dream?

As we begin to fall asleep our brains are in the relaxed Alpha or Theta state. We are still conscious of our surroundings, but our brains are becoming calmer and quieter.

As we fall more deeply asleep, we enter the Delta state, where our unconscious throws up many of the thoughts and ideas we have been experiencing without really knowing it. During this stage, which we enter 3 or 4 times each night, we experience REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, when our brains are actively sorting through a lot of material and helping us to make sense of our daily experiences as well as our emotions.

Sleep is healing and is essential for brain health. Through dream work we can accelerate our emotional and psychological healing and begin to understand ourselves much better.  Through the use of dream work we can effectively allow ourselves to undergo overnight therapy.

Crystals for Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreams can occur on their own during an REM cycle, but most people opt to learn how to evoke them themselves, which is where crystals come in very handy. A lucid dream, put very simply, is when the brain dissociates from the body and we are aware that we are dreaming. The more we gain control over the lucid dream the more we can influence our dreams.


Purple Amethyst Beads

If you are new to dream work and want to learn how to control your lucid dreams Amethyst is one of the best crystals you can use. Amethyst has a very strong, powerful vibration that resonates with the Third Eye chakra and enhances intuition and personal insights. It also connects us to the Higher powers of spirit.



Ametrine Beads

This crystal combines the energies of Amethyst with Citrine, providing clarity of mind and opening up consciousness, it is another excellent choice for lucid dream work.



Blue Calcite  

This stone has a gentler vibration than Amethyst and is wonderful for smoothing the transition into the dream state. It has a comforting energy that brings feeling of safety and security. Calcite also protects you from negative vibrations and induces a deep relaxation in both mind and body

Crystals for Good Dreams


Moonstone Cube Beads

Moonstone has a gentle, feminine vibration that makes it ideal for promoting “sweet” dreams. Place a piece under your pillow in order to encourage good dreams and deter nightmares.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Points

Clear Quartz is a universal healer stone and carries a high vibration capable of clearing the aura of all negativity and dispersing any worries or unwanted fears from your consciousness. It promotes good dreams and heightens your ability to see the positives in all things, especially during the dream state.


Green Jade

Nephrite Green Jade Beads

This crystal is often referred to as the “dream stone” because of its powerful dream enhancing qualities. Green Jade also helps us to remember our dreams and clears negativity from the aura, bringing emotional and spiritual insight.


Crystals for Nightmares or Bad Dreams

Red Jasper

Red Jasper Beads

If you want to reduce your chances of experiencing nightmares, night terrors and bad dreams, try placing a piece of Red Jasper on your nightstand. Jasper is a supreme nurturer and absorbs all negativity from your aura, your etheric body and from your immediate environment. It promotes positivity and optimism and will help to calm your mind so that it does not fall prey to fears or anxieties that may manifest as bad dreams.  


Blue and green kyanite beads

This crystal can be found in many colors. Using the pink or pale green varieties at night by placing them under your pillow or on your nightstand is said to ward off evil spirits, which in some cultures means bad dreams or visions. Kyanite absorbs and immediately disperses negative energies, helping to reduce unhealthy thought patterns and to open up our consciousness to Universal love.


Do you have experience with crystals and dreaming? If so, share it with the community by commenting below.

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