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Best Crystals For Self Love, Self Confidence, Clarity & Courage

Best Crystals For Self Love, Self Confidence, Clarity & Courage

In order to improve ourselves, our lives and our relationships we need first to learn the tricky discipline of Self-Love. When we talk about loving ourselves many people become uncomfortable.

Self Love Heart

For some, Self-Love is confused with self-indulgence or plain selfishness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Self-Love means taking excellent care of yourself so that you can be at your best at all times, physically, emotionally and mentally. Even if you see your sole purpose in this life to be that of taking care of others, you must first know how to take care of your own needs. You cannot serve from an empty cup, and if your cup has run dry through burn-out or self-neglect you will not be in a position to help and support anyone else.

Crystals for Self-Love

Self loving rose quartz

One of the best crystals for Self-Love is Rose Quartz. Indeed, this delicate pink variety of Quartz is the stone of Unconditional Love in all respects, whether this is human love, self-love, love of family, friends or significant others or love of the Divine and Spirit.  Rose Quartz emanates soft, gentle vibrations of love that are nevertheless very persistent and powerful. Treat yourself and your space to several chunks of this relatively inexpensive crystal to ensure that you are always reminded of the importance of taking excellent care of yourself.



Rhodochrosite Beads For Love

This crystal usually occurs in shades of deep pink shading into red, and is known as the crystal of compassion. To love yourself you must show yourself compassion. You must be able to forgive yourself for your mistakes as readily as you forgive your loved ones for theirs. Rhodochrosite is a good choice for this as it is said to promote forgiveness on all levels, leading to self-healing of the emotions. This stone is also used frequently for work on the Inner Child, or past life regression. When you undertake this kind of work you begin to understand your own behavior and to uncover the causes of some of the issues you may be struggling with in adulthood that have their roots in childhood trauma or in a past life. When you feel compassion for your former self you are able to feel an increased sense of self-worth, which is essential for self-love.

Crystals for Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

Pawn looking in the mirror and seeing a king

Having confidence in yourself, in your opinions and beliefs and in the way you behave in the world is vital for your own peace of mind and happiness. There are many crystals which you can work with to increase your levels of self-confidence.



Pink Wood Rhodonite Beads

This stone is especially good for balancing the Yin and Yang forces within the etheric and energy bodies. If you have an excess of Yang energy you may find that you are aggressive rather than assertive, that your masculine energy overshadows the softer, more passive female energy and that this leads to confrontations with others and conflict within the self. Rhodonite is said to help you to work through problems or difficult situations decisively and positively, without judgement of yourself or others. This boosts your confidence in your own abilities and discernment.  Rhodonite is a grounding crystal that will keep you connected to the stabilizing energies of the earth. It also opens the Heart chakra to the love that is always around us.

Crystals for Courage

An excess of timidity is not good for our mental health. We all need to find courage at times, if not daily, to stand up for what we know to be right, to speak our own truths regardless of what others may say or think, or simply to face the many demands our modern lives place upon us.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye Beads

This crystal is one of the most commonly used stones for personal protection. It is said to ward off ill wishing from others, curses or manipulative behavior that may harm us. Wear or carry Tiger’s Eye when you want to boost your personal power. This stone is all about vitality, strength, courage, and confidence. It has a high vibration that many believe provides stamina and stability.



Carnelian Stone For Courage

Carnelian is a lower chakra stone, most closely aligned with the Sacral chakra. It is said to promote natural creativity and to boost our confidence in overcoming physical and mental challenges. Carnelian is a stone of self-belief and self-empowerment. It helps us to find the courage to carry on in even the most difficult of circumstances and can also give flagging will power a much-needed boost.


Crystals for Clarity of Mind

When your brain feels sluggish or foggy you are not in the best position to take care of yourself or to give yourself the attention you need. Crystals can help to improve your mental focus and to clear your mind of unwanted thought patterns or distractions.


Amazonite Beads For clairity

Amazonite has a soothing vibration that is ideal for clearing the mind of emotional debris and negative thoughts. It helps to sharpen your focus onto what really matters and brings you into the present so that you can tackle whatever is facing you right now in a positive way.  


Blue Quartz

Llanite Rhyolite With Blue Quartz

Most blue or blue-green crystals are associated with mental focus and clarity. Blue Quartz is especially powerful in this regard as it holds the Universal Healer vibration of Quartz along with a close affinity to the Third Eye and Throat chakras. Use Blue Quartz in meditation when you require clear, unclouded guidance about a particular issue.


Do you have experience with the benefits of any of these stones? If so, share it with the community by commenting below.

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