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Unakite Meaning: Healing & Metaphysical Properties

Unakite Meaning: Healing & Metaphysical Properties

Unakite is an attractive stone, especially when tumbled and polished, having swirls of red, green, and pink in its makeup. It is recognized as a stone of vision and is said to balance emotions with spirituality.

Wearing jewelry with Unakite stone beads is a great way to take utilize its power.

Metaphysical Properties and Uses

Unakite is often used for scrying as it shows the seeker where compromise and integration are required. The best way to use Unakite is to combine it with a variety of other tumbled stones or beads, such as Agate, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz and Tiger’s Eye. Keep the the stones together in a bag and use them in a grid or healing mandala when you are seeking answers to specific questions. You can either choose one stone to give you guidance or you can cast them all onto a scrying wheel. Always be sure to frame your queries as clearly as you can and take some time to meditate with the stones, allowing any signs, messages, or signals to come through in their own time.

Unakite also has the ability to cleanse the atmosphere of electromagnetic smog. You can place a few tumbled stones in a bowl and place it near to your computer or television set to bring a clam, gentle energy into the environment.

Physical Healing Properties

Unakite is often called upon to provide nourishment and sustenance both physically and mentally. Whether dis-ease is in the present or has its roots in the past, Unakite sends gentle healing vibrations to the initial energetic cause of the problem and allows the negative or blocked energies to surface, so that they can be dealt with in a positive way.

Emotional Healing Properties

Emotionally, Unakite can be used in healing rituals that focus on past lives, past traumas, shamanic journeys, or rebirthing. It helps us to access wisdom we never knew had, whether this comes from our intuition or from the experiences of our ancestors. It brings insight and “knowing” into the light, gently releasing the effects of old or outmoded patterns of thought or behavior. It also helps us to break down any conditioning that is still holding us back.


When you place Unakite on your Third Eye chakra you receive help and support in opening up to the events of your past lives that may have relevance to you in this one. Unakite sends vibrations into the Third Eye to activate and stimulate it, allowing you to see your way forward more clearly.

Unakite can also be beneficial for the Heart chakra as it protects a wounded heart as it begins to emotionally heal. The vibrations of Unakite stones are cleansing and comforting. They allow a freshness to enter into even the darkest of places, bringing a sense of hope and optimism.

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