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Opal Meaning: Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Opal Meaning: Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Opals are magical! They come in a dazzling array of colors, can be clear or milky, translucent or opaque. They catch the light in myriad ways, reflecting the colors around them and sparkling with their own unique combinations of light and shade.

Creating handmade jewelry made with Opal Beads is great way to take advantage of this stone's properties.

Metaphysical Properties and Uses

The fine vibrations of Opal enhance cosmic consciousness and induce mystical and psychic visions. Opal stimulates creativity and allows us to express our true selves in whatever way we deem most appropriate.

Peruvian Pink Opal Specimen

Pink opal specimen from Peru.

Opal is both reflective and absorbent. It will pick up thoughts and feelings, amplify them and return them to source. In this way Opal can be seen as a Karmic stone, reflecting your own actions and thoughts back to you, teaching you valuable lessons about responsibility and accountability.

It is also protective, shielding you from the harmful or negative vibrations of others, and it is said to strengthen the will to live.

Emotional Healing Properties

Opal has traditionally been associated with love and passion since the dawn of civilization. It is a seductive stone that stimulates sexual desire and enhanced performance by facilitating the release of inhibitions.

If your thoughts and emotions are scattered, or you feel emotionally adrift, Opal can help to bring you back to balance and wholeness as long as you combine it with a crystal of denser vibration, such as Black Tourmaline. It can help you to explore your feelings, make sense of them and integrate them into your energetic body. It shows you what your feelings have been in the past, and in past lives, how this has affected you now and how to make use of the lessons learned. It encourages self-worth, taking responsibility for our own actions and the putting out of positive emotions.


Opals occur in many different color combinations. Darker shades of Opal can be used on the Sacral chakra to ground you firmly into the Earth when you are feeling off balance. Cherry Opal is especially good for this.

Blue Opal

Blue Opal resonates with the Throat chakra and is beneficial in helping shy people to express themselves with confidence.

Fire Opal

Fire Opal is a stone of personal power and is an excellent stone to use on the Soalr Plexus and Sacral chakras. It is a symbol of hope and an excellent stone for use in the release of bottled-up emotions.

Green Opal

Green Opal is cleansing and rejuvenating. It aids emotional resilience and recovery from trauma or grief. It supports the Heart chakra with gentle, persistent waves of protective energy and helps to heal rifts in romantic relationships. 


Hyalite (Water Opal) is an excellent crystal for connecting the Crown chakra with the Base chakra in a chakra cleansing or balancing session. It stabilizes moods and integrates our spiritual aspect with our physical bodies, keeping us grounded and safe as we manifest Universal truths and wisdom in our daily lives.

Do you have experience using using any of the Opal varieties? If so, share it with the group by commenting below.

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