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Sapphire Meaning & Properties | The Wisdom Stone

Sapphire Meaning & Properties | The Wisdom Stone

Sapphire can be found in many colors, including yellow, green, black and purple, but by far the most common is blue. The deep blue hues of a cut and polished Sapphire stone are prized by many above even Diamonds for their beauty and worth. Sapphires and Rubies are both varieties of the mineral corundum and the colors are produced by “impurities” within the rock’s structure.

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Metaphysical Properties and Uses

Sapphire is known as the wisdom stone. It is said to calm and focus the mind and to relieve mental anguish and tension. The calming vibrations of Sapphire are often likened to the effect that the waves of the ocean can have upon our emotional and mental states. Sapphire is credited with the ability to draw off negative vibrations from the etheric body or aura, replacing them with positive, healing energies.

Sapphire Rough Specimen

Sapphire is associated with serenity and many people believe that it can help to release depression. It has a beneficial effect on the chakra system by aligning the metal, spiritual and physical planes, restoring balance and harmony to the whole person.

Spiritually, Sapphire is prized for its ability to clear away doubt or uncertainty. Sapphire is a seeker after spiritual truth and is traditionally associated with love and purity.

Physical Healing Properties

Blue Sapphire is said to have a tonic effect on the systems of the body. It strengthens veins and improves elasticity, stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems and calms an overactive metabolism.

Blue Sapphire Rough Specimen

Emotional Healing Properties

Sapphire is a serene and tranquil stone. It can be used in healing grids to calm fears and to quiet an overanxious temperament. When the cause of emotional disturbance is rooted in past traumas, thoughts or experiences, Sapphire can be used to draw the negativity of these experiences from the energetic body and bring them into our conscious minds. From this place of clarity, we can begin to address the issues that are still holding us back and to address them in the present. In this way we can heal from trauma or abuse that may have occurred in past lives as well as in our own childhood or earlier lives.


Use blue Sapphire to open and stimulate the Third Eye and Throat chakras. A piece of Blue Sapphire worn around the throat is an excellent aid to communication and can help those who are lacking in self-confidence to find the courage they need to speak their truth without fear or judgment. Sapphire helps to balance the energies of the Throat chakra so that misunderstandings in communication are less likely to occur.

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