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Color Meanings: Symbolism for Stones & Crystals

Color Meanings: Symbolism for Stones & Crystals

We humans are profoundly affected by color. The natural world is represented as being green and most people say they feel uplifted and relaxed by being in nature, in forests or green fields. Likewise, the blue of the sky and the ocean seems to calm our moods and to bring us solace when we are worried or anxious. You can reproduce these effects in your immediate environment by changing the colors with which you are surrounded and using crystals to do this is both easier than redecorating and much more pleasant!

Primary Colors

Red, yellow, and blue are primary colors, meaning that they can be mixed with other colors to produce new shades. Each color carries a specific vibration and energy, so choosing crystals in these colors to wear or to have nearby can really affect your sense of well-being.


Red is the color of passion and motivation. Red Carnelian, Red Jasper, Rhodochrosite, Ruby and Red Hematite can all be used to enhance your energy, restore your zest for life and promote creativity. Tumblestones are relatively inexpensive, and stones in their raw state are just as effective as polished or cur gems.

Try placing a bowl of red crystals near to you as you work if you want to increase your productivity. Ruby is a dynamic stone that will allow you to express your passion, whether this is for a person or a project. Red Jasper carries a nurturing vibration and is a good choice if you need to achieve some calm before you begin, whilst Red Carnelian improves analytical abilities and clarifies the mind.


Blue stones are almost always associated with communication and the Throat chakra. The deeper shades of blue, going into purple or indigo, are aligned with the Third Eye and the ability to integrate intuition with action. Amethyst is a good example of this kind of crystal and brings a host of benefits both to you and to your environment.

Blue Lace Agate comes is the most beautiful shades of palest blue shot through with creamy swirls and inclusions. Simply placing some of these stones near to you and gazing at them from time to time will calm an agitated mind and bring tranquility and peace of mind.

Deep blue specimens of Sodalite are an excellent choice if you want to unite logic with intuition. Sodalite is also credited with clearing electromagnetic smog and can be placed near to computers to block their emanations. Other blue stones you may like to wear or have near to you include Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Blue Calcite and Amazonite. The latter is often found in blue-green shades and its vibration is extremely soothing. Like many green stones, it opens and activates the Heart chakra, clearing the way for unconditional love to enter your life.


Sunshine makes us feel better! The joyful vibration of Citrine can lift your mood on the gloomiest of days, and this “merchant stone” is widely associated with abundance in all things, including money.

Amber is found in shades of orange and yellow and has a strong connection with the Earth. It is a powerful healer and cleanser, absorbing and transmuting negative energies into positive forces.

Smoky Quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones and the the lighter yellow varieties have the added advantage of relieving fear, stress, and depression.

You can, of course, choose to change the colors of the walls and furnishings around you in order to lift your mood, calm your mind or create an inspiring space for everyone. However, simply placing tumbled stones, beads, or raw crystals around the room will give you more flexibility. Crystals like Amethyst absorb negative energies and improve environmental quality. Mixing your crystals with Clear Quartz will ensure that you reap the greatest benefits from your efforts!

Do you have experience with crystals and colors? If so, share with the community by commenting below.

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