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Phosphosiderite: Meaning, Uses & Metaphysical Healing Properties

Phosphosiderite: Meaning, Uses & Metaphysical Healing Properties

Phosphosiderite occurs in shades of purple, red and brown. It is one of a collection of stones often referred to as “new generation” or “new age” which is not to say that these crystals are newly formed, but rather relatively recently discovered. Phosphosiderite is rich in iron and many believe that it has a beneficial effect on the health. It is a stabilizing stone that has a powerful, high vibration. You may feel the tingle in your skin when you hold a piece of Phosphosiderite in your hands for a few moments.

Metaphysical Properties

Phosphosiderite opens up the higher chakras to receive the high vibrational energy of the Universe.

It is also used by readers of the Akashic Records as it has immense energy and the power to uncover information from past lives and the soul’s infinite record. When used in this way it is important that you learn how to enter the Akasha in the correct way, and that you allow the information to come to you through the Lords of the Records, via the Masters, Teachers and Loved ones assigned to you and to your Record.

Phosphosiderite can also be used in past life regression sessions, facilitating the uncovering of events, thoughts and situations that your soul may have experienced in a different incarnation. You can then view these objectively rather than getting caught up in emotional dramas. The vibration of Phosphosiderite is a calming and soothing one, despite its power, and for this reason it is a popular choice for meditation, chakra cleansing and energy healing of many kinds.

Phosphosiderite resonates with the Heart and Higher Heart chakras and has an overall stabilizing and calming effect on the bio energetic field or aura.

Healing Properties and Uses

One of the best ways to harness the power of this stone is through meditation. When you hold a piece of Phosphosiderite in your hand or place it nearby during a meditation session, you may feel its persistent energy entering your space and displacing any negative energies with positive ones.

Place the stone on your lower chakras if you want to feel more connected to the Earth and to alleviate fears and worries about your material survival.

If you place it on your Solar Plexus you can work with its energies to enhance your personal power and to help you to feel a sense of “belonging” in the world.

Phosphosiderite can also be used at the Brow or Third Eye during meditations when you want to connect with the Higher realms, your Guides, Spirits and Angels.  Its gentle vibration opens a blocked Third Eye chakra and activates the Crown, enabling a strong connection to form between you and the Universal healing Energies around you.

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