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Ocean Jasper: Meaning, Metaphysical Properties & Uses

Ocean Jasper: Meaning, Metaphysical Properties & Uses

This form of Jasper is also called Orbicular or Cellular Jasper and is quite rare. It is found in only one location, on the northern coast of Madagascar, which is only accessible by boat at low tide.

It has distinctive “orbs” or circles on its surface and can be found in a wide variety of beautiful color combinations.

Metaphysical Properties

Jasper is commonly referred toas the supreme nurturer and, amongst its metaphysical properties and applications, is its ability to calm the nerves, comfort the heart and soothe the mind.  Ocean jasper is said to align the Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat chakras, forming a clear channel from the seat of personal power to the center of communication. This allows us to combine our intellectual abilities and will with our emotions, beliefs and principles. In this way we are able to achieve joy, happiness, and emotional stability.

Ocean Jasper encourages the release of negative emotions such as bitterness, envy and resentment which lie heavy of the Heart. Through its alignment with the Throat, Ocean Jasper facilitates the vocalizing of fears, anxieties and worries that may be holding you back. Water helped to create this crystal, and it reminds us that sometimes we need to just let go and to go with the flow of life in order to find peace of mind.  

Ocean Jasper is a unifying stone that many people find helpful when trying to establish balance in their lives. If you are aware of an imbalance in your own life, and are uncertain how to rectify it, try placing a piece of Ocean Jasper under your pillow at night to help you to find answers in your dreams.

Healing Properties and Applications

You can use Ocean Jasper to help you when you are looking for resolution within your relationships and your emotions. It is a good stone for couples who have difficulty building the right chemistry between them and is also an excellent meditation aid when you are working on your own inner conflicts.

Imagine that you are floating on the gentle waves of the ocean as you relax with this stone. Take note of your heartbeat and breathe in slowly, then exhale even more slowly until you notice that your heart rate has decreased.

As you relax more deeply, the surface of the ocean becomes calmer, the waves become smaller and spaced further apart. Visualize each wave as representing an aspect of your situation, or an emotion that you wish to resolve. The waves recede further with each breath, like the ripples on a pond, taking with them the problems that you want to solve.

Now that you have detached from the problems, or the negative emotions, you are able to see them objectively and to find the solutions that you seek. If it helps to speak the emotions aloud do so, and if it feels right to you allow yourself to drift further away from the ripples until they no longer have any effect on you.

Ocean Jasper is the ideal companion for this relaxation exercise as its nurturing vibrations keep you feeling safe and secure as you tackle your issues or problems.

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