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How to Activate and Work with Selenite

How to Activate and Work with Selenite

Physical Cleansing

The first thing to do when you want to start working with Selenite is to learn how to cleanse it physically. Selenite is a very soft stone, measuring only 2 on the Mohs scale for hardness, which means that it scratches easily. More importantly, this particular crystal should not be cleaned with water or salt as this will damage its external surface.

The best way to clean the dust and debris from a Selenite crystal is to dust it every day with an ostrich feather duster. If you cannot do this, use a soft cloth to remove surface dirt from your crystal and always treat it gently.

Vibrational Cleansing

The next thing to do is to start the activation process so that your Selenite crystal begins to work for you. All crystals need to be charged regularly, which is really another way of saying they need to have their old energies removed to allow room for new vibrations to come in.

Charging a selenite crystal with sunlight

If your crystal is new to you, spend a few moments holding it lightly in your hand and sitting quietly with your eyes closed. Take your awareness into your hand and simply state your intention to connect with this stone. Allow any feelings or thoughts to come naturally into your physical body and your mind, being aware that the connection is a two-way process and that your crystal may take some time to “tune in” to your unique vibration.

To actively charge your Selenite you have a number of options. Decide what you would like help with at any given time. Selenite has many beneficial effects and is excellent for helping you to open your Crown chakra and to connect with a higher consciousness.

 It is also a good protector of the home, creating a safe and quiet space where unwanted outside influences are kept at bay.

Emotionally and psychologically, Selenite can clear mental confusion and open up your mind to seeing the bigger picture. It helps you to access your subconscious so that you can exercise judgement and insight when dealing with problems.

Charging or Programming

To get the most out of your Selenite crystal you need to tell it exactly what you need. Formulate your intention for the stone using positive phrases and state your intentions as clearly as possible.

Silhouette man peeling away the black and white background

One very powerful and effective way of activating the powers of Selenite is to write down your wishes, hopes and desires. Use the present tense and express gratitude that your needs are being met. Then place the piece of paper under the Selenite and leave it overnight, preferably so that it can be bathed in the rays of the full moon.

Combining Selenite With Other Crystals

Depending on what you want to manifest or achieve you can combine Selenite with a variety of different stones.

Selenite and Black Tourmaline are extremely good for releasing negative emotions such as anger, shame. Regrets, resentment and grief. Once the black tourmaline has cleansed and removed the negative energies, Selenite begins to fill the spaces with warmth, love and light so that you can move forward with joy and grace.

Amethyst also combines well with Selenite. The protective and cleansing nature of Amethyst helps to guard against psychic attack and is especially good for those times when you feel psychologically vulnerable. Amethyst is also an amplifier stone and will enhance the power of Selenite’s healing vibrations, bringing peace and tranquility.

Creating handmade jewelry with selenite beads is a great way to adorn yourself with selenite for your everyday endeavors.

**Gemstone metaphysical and healing property statements are for entertainment purposes only and do not substitute for professional medical advice. Consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you are seeking medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Tejas Beads does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of these statements.


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  • Jan 30, 2023

    Hi, I was wondering how do you activate selenite? And when you are cleaning your crystals on the selenite do you have to take out each and individual crystal and place it on the selenite

    — Aubrey

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    There’s a lot of info in this article that I’ve not seen before. Thank you for a well wrote article. I’m definitely keeping u save for future times.

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    This really helped me with my crystals and it worked i have been doing this for the past 7 months and it really works

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    Very insightful! Selenite crystal just like this is a centerpiece of my collection!

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    Great article, thank you! I have so much more to consider now when using my selenite.

    — Casandra

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