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Gemstone Bead Color Combination Ideas

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Gemstone Bead Color Combination Ideas

We all know how challenging it can be to pair different colors and varieties of gemstones into something that works. Often it is not until we see two gemstones intertwined together in a bracelet or necklace that we realize how well those two stones complement one another and make a beautiful combination.

We've taken some of our favorite stones and displayed them together to provide some bead color combination ideas for your bracelet, necklaces, malas, anklets, or any of your jewelry creations. Some of the combinations you wouldn't believe would work so well together!


 Across the color wheel from the orange of Citrine, you'll find the blue of Kyanite and purple of Amethyst, which explain why these gemstone make such great match. The versatile dark metallic grey of Shungite also nicely complements Citrine, bringing out it's deep golden orange tones.

Nephrite Jade

Canadian Nephrite Jade pairs nicely with Tourmalated Quartz, due to the speckling of the Nephrite Jade complementing the needles within the Tourmalated Quartz. Red Garnet, being a uniform deep red and opposite Green jade on the color wheel emphasizes the Jade's variation, making for an aesthetically pleasing combination. And the deep black of the tourmaline brings out the dark green tones in the jade - a stunning duo.

Rose Quartz

Who doesn't like white and pink!?!? White moonstone and Rose Quartz have an elegant appearance. Adding a subtle green in to the mix with the Burmese Jade gives it a more adventurous edge.  Smokey Quartz brings about a darker appearance and nicely contrasts the Rose Quartz pink - sure to draw attention from passers by. 

Eagle's Eye

Eagle's Eye Color Combinations

For more masculine darker toned gemstones, we paired Eagle's Eye with shades of gray in Larvikite, and black in Tourmaline and Obsidian. Perfect tones for a men's bracelet! 

Gemstone combinations are endless! We hope these pairs provide starting points for your own creations that express your individuality. 

What are your favorite gemstone color combinations? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Comments on this post (3)

  • May 13, 2021

    To my taste, rose quartz goes well with amethyst. Citrine with blue kyanite is a wonderful combination.

    — Anna

  • Jun 27, 2020

    the combos really bring out the colors of both stones

    — Joel A

  • Apr 21, 2020

    Not so sure about Burmese Jade and Rose Quartz…. not my taste, but I didn’t realize Citrine and Purple Amethyst would go so well together! The Nephrite Jade and Garnet make a pretty combination as well.

    — Jennifer S.

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