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Balancing Gemstone Jewelry Designs

Balancing Gemstone Jewelry Designs

The importance of properly weighting jewelry cannot be overstated.

When jewelry is not balanced correctly, it can rotate and spin, requiring frequent adjustment. This is especially true for dangling necklaces and asymmetrical designs with uneven weight distribution or a heavy rear-facing clasp. In addition, a necklace that flips frequently is not only obnoxious, but it can become tangled and knotted, causing discomfort and potentially damaging chains and kinking wires.

To avoid this problem, designers and jewelers have developed techniques for properly weighting jewelry. One of the most common and simple methods is using high-gravity stones to offset the heavy components and balance the piece evenly. Sometimes the most effective solutions are the simplest!

Below is a list of heavy stones that can help you add much-needed weight to your designs.

Gemstone Density Infographic

Tejas Beads carries many of the stones listed in the chart above. If you're looking for balance, have a look at our gemstone beads collection.

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  • Jun 06, 2023

    Duh!! I’ve been working with natural stones for many years and never even thought about the specific gravity and issues I’ve had! Thank you for a new insight.

    — Sara Mc

  • Feb 02, 2023

    I like to use hematite as spacers near the focal point of my necklaces to keep it hanging in the right direction. There is nothing worse than a necklace that won’t stay put!

    — Rebecca

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