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Tejas Beads Year In Review 2022

Tejas Beads Year In Review 2022

2022 was an eventful year for Tejas Beads. We moved across the country, launched our mobile app, started carbon-neutral shipping,.... and had fun while doing it all! Below we've captured some of the highlights in greater detail and threw in a few fun tidbits of website data as well. Enjoy!

Relocating Across The Country

Semi Truck

After years of living in the bustling city of Houston, we decided to make a drastic change and move to a rural area of western Massachusetts. With beautiful rivers, mountains, wildlife, and prolific seasons, we were ready for something different – something that would allow us to be more connected with nature and raise our family away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Bins In Truck

In July 2022, we loaded up two semitrucks – one truck full of all our beads and another truck carrying all our racks, warehousing, and office equipment. The truck full of beads broke down in Virginia, and the truck that was supposed to take all of our other equipment didn't show up.... so we had to improvise last minute and find another. But in the end, everything worked out and in just 10 days time we were back up and running again. Thankfully, our Houston team was able to come along for the move and help us get setup in our new location.

History Behind Our New Location

Our new warehouse is located inside an old rustic mill building built in 1814 by the West Boylston Company, a large cotton textile manufacturer in the town of West Boylston, MA. This, however, is not where the building is located today. In 1899 the building was dismantled piece by piece and moved by train, and re-erected in Easthampton, MA. The building's original location is now submerged by the Wachusett Reservoir that was flooded in 1908.

Mill Buildings


New Mobile App Launched in 2022

Tejas Beads Mobile App

In July 2022 we launched our mobile app! The mobile app brings an alternate way to shop, with a wish-list❤️ for your favorites, enhanced search, and back-in-stock notifications, all in a sleek and speedy interface. The app is available in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Some Interesting 2022 Data

Top 5 Best Selling Stones

  1. Black Onyx
  2. Lava
  3. Tiger's Eye
  4. Red Garnet
  5. Amethyst

    Top 5 Online Store Search Terms

    1. Moonstone
    2. Amethyst
    3. Citrine
    4. Jade
    5. Rose Quartz

      Top 5 Busiest Sale Weeks

      1. Black Friday
      2. Memorial Day
      3. Fourth of July
      4. Labor Day
      5. Easter

        Website Visits By Device

        Website Visits by Device and OS

        Carbon Neutral Shipping

        In June 2022 we partnered with Planet to offset our carbon footprint and support carbon-reducing initiatives. Since joining the program we've removed 5231 kg of emissions. That's like.....
        Carbon Removal Image

        This is our small way of giving back, we hope others will follow suit.

        On A More Personal Note

        Family Photo

        Many of you know about Tejas Beads from 10 years of trade shows. Kelly traveled the USA in a Chevy Express work van full of gemstone beads and set up the most spectacular trade show booths all around the country, it was a sight to see!

        In 2020 trade shows shutdown and Kelly along her significant other Chris, started building the website and moving the business online.... sort of as a way to entertain ourselves during covid. The website launched in June 2020, and little did we know that it would turn into much more than just a hobby.

        While we have the appearance of being a larger company, we are really just a small family owned business consisting of five hard working people with a knack for gemstones, technology, and lots of grit. Thank you to our old Houston crew, Linda and Awa! And to our new team, Kathy, Terry, and Eliza, for all of your dedication and hard work!

        Most off all, thank you to all of our loyal customers, we truly appreciate all of your support over that last couple of years. We hope that you've enjoyed your experience with us as much as we have with you!

        And in case you're wondering, the photo is of Chris & Kelly with baby Aaron in the backpack, he'll be big 1 in January! We were walking the winter lights display in our new hometown in Western Massachusetts.

        Stay tuned! If all the pieces fall into place, 2023 will be another eventful year!

        Happy Beading!

        Comments on this post (26)

        • Jan 16, 2023

          Welcome to Massachusetts! Here I am in Boston, waiting to retire to move southward to get away from the cold, New England winters. I remember you mentioning you were moving to western MA, and thinking…Why??? But your blog says it beautifully, and the western part of Massachusetts is, indeed, beautiful…especially in the winter! I started my business last year and I’m so glad I found you! The beads are absolutely high quality and your service is exceptional. I haven’t made a purchase in a while. I’m trying to use up what I have (actually get some pieces sold) to pay off my first big investment in my business. But, hopefully, I’ll be back soon! Thanks so much for all you do for the crafters! You are the best!!!

          — Susan MacKay

        • Dec 27, 2022

          Perdón por escribirle en Español,pero no quería dejar de Felicitarlos por compartirnos sus aventuras.Estoy muy contenta de haber encontrado su sitio web. Padezco de ataques de pánico y no saben cómo me ha ayudado a entretenerme en hacer mis manualidades aprecio mucho la sinceridad con que trabajan .Que este 2023 les colme de cosas buenas y prosperidad

          — Olga Ventura

        • Dec 23, 2022

          Congratulations on your new location & a successful transition. I love your site, I can navigate it so easily, & makes it so simple to add to my beading supplies. Enjoy your Holiday break, see you on the other side of 2022 & welcome to a whole new year of 2023.

          — Helen

        • Dec 23, 2022

          Welcome to the joy and possibilities of western Mass hill town beauty and mill town activities.

          — Mary Louise

        • Dec 23, 2022

          Thank you for sharing and I love family business. May Creator gift you a beautiful year filled with abundance of love, health, joy and prosperity 🙏

          Many Blessings
          Native American Healer, that loves your beads!

          — Trina Vega

        • Dec 23, 2022

          Congratulations on a great move, a great year and having a great company. I’d love to do the same thing myself. I’ll settle for buying from you and making my jewelry.

          — Anonymous

        • Dec 23, 2022

          Oh Kelly, how mama y me miss you in Houston. Especially, seeing you at the bead shows. Showing us your new beads + treating us like family. Congratulations on being a mommy too. Who would’ve known. Wish you many more blessings. It was a pleasure knowing you. And thanks for always responding to my texts when I need to know a name of a stone. Lol…XOXO

          — Michele Hopkins & Norma Tays

        • Dec 22, 2022

          Congratulations!!!! Best wishes in your new life journey for you and family….great decision to move where nature is more accessible than Texas, and you can see beautiful mountains… God Bless all of you!!!!

          — Patricia

        • Dec 22, 2022

          Thank you for sharing about your year and congrats on your success. I enjoyed reading this so much and it all makes me want to support your small business even more! Love your bead selection, descriptions, quality, sales, and super speedy shipping! I’ve never been disappointed with an order and look forward to placing another one soon :) Happy Holidays!!

          — Sara

        • Dec 22, 2022

          So happy for you Kelly and family! Enjoy your little guy, they are the best! My grandson just turned 2!
          I love your beads and your customer service and fast shipping is the best! I enjoyed working with you at market and your on line has truly made my life easier!
          Continue to live the dream!!


          — Julene Warren

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