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Using Crystals to Enhance Spiritual Health

Using Crystals to Enhance Spiritual Health

In order to be truly at home and comfortable with ourselves, we need to be aware of the way in which we are connected to all that is. We are part of the cosmic whole, and the more we feel as if we are an important part of the whole, the safer and more secure we feel, on a deep soul level. When you have found a way to connect with the energies and vibration of spirit you will know that you can handle anything that comes up for you in your life.

Which Crystals are Best for Spiritual Work?

Connecting with Spirit, with the vibrations of love and benevolence that are constantly all around us, brings a deep sense of joy and contentment no matter what is happening in your physical world. Crystals can help you to make this connection, and to maintain it during the ups and downs of your everyday life.

Rose Quartz for Love

Pink Rose Quartz Beads For Love

This delicate pink crystal is a firm favorite with just about everybody. Rose Quartz carries a vibration of Unconditional Universal Love and allows you to open your own Heart chakra to these loving vibrations so that you are able to both give and receive love on all levels. It is a highly spiritual stone with a comforting, motherly vibration that will soothe your fears and allow you to grow and develop spiritually in a safe, comfortable way.

Carnelian for Confidence

Orange Carnelian Agate For Confidence

Carnelian aligns with the Sacral chakra and is an excellent crystal to use when you want to access your own spiritual insights and creativity. Many people are shy or doubtful about their spiritual experiences, reluctant to speak about or acknowledge for fear of being judged or mocked. Carnelian is your support stone, letting you know that yes, your feelings and experiences are real! Share them with others with confidence, but above all, allow yourself to accept that your connection to the Divine, the Cosmos, to Angels, to Other Worldly Energies is valid and real.

Explore Your Inner World with Labradorite

Faceted Labradorite Beads For Health

Have you ever had the experience of just “knowing” something and wondered where that knowledge could possibly have come from? Do you feel as if you have “been here before”? Labradorite is the crystal to choose if you want to explore and connect with your own inner wisdom and spiritual insights. It enables you to dive deep into the unconscious aspects of your mind and soul and bring out truths about yourself and your feelings that you have either buried through trauma, or that you experienced in a previous life. Labradorite can be a great support if you are ready to explore and deals with your own shadow side in order to shine more brightly.

Connect With the Universe with Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate Beads

This crystal is simply divine, both in its appearance and in its supportive properties. The celestial blue color, often interwoven with veins and swirls of white or cream, immediately brings a sense of calm and tranquility to the user. Allow the gentle, yet powerful vibrations of this stone to open up your Third Eye and Throat chakras, forming a bridge of light along which you can travel to connect with the benevolence of the Universe. If you program blue lace agate with a specific intention before you use it you should find that the answers you need come to you clearly and swiftly.

**Gemstone metaphysical and healing property statements are for entertainment purposes only and do not substitute for professional medical advice. Consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you are seeking medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Tejas Beads does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of these statements.

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