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Rhodonite Meaning: Metaphysical Properties and Uses

Rhodonite Meaning: Metaphysical Properties and Uses


Rhodonite is a stone for promoting fraternity among people and for balancing the emotions. It has the ability to show both sides of an issue and can be used to ease conflict and bring about consensus.

It occurs in shades of red or pink, often with a mottled appearance and black flecks. It clears, activates and supports the heart and the Heart chakra.

Rhodonite Stone

Metaphysical Qualities

Emotionally, Rhodonite has many attributes and qualities similar to those of Rose Quartz. It can be called upon during times of shock or trauma to soothe over-excited nerves and to balance the energy of the subtle body so that panic and anxiety are more easily kept in check.

Energy healers use Rhodonite when helping people suffering from abuse or co-dependency. Its qualities are also believed to be very beneficial for anyone who is trying to overcome self-destructive and self-sabotaging behaviors.

This stone has strong connections with forgiveness as a healing tool. It can be used in energy healing to uncover painful truths from the past that are causing discomfort in the present. Like Rose Quartz, Rhodonite has a powerful vibration of unconditional love, which, when allied to forgiveness, can help to heal emotional wounds, promote compassion and bring about reconciliation even after periods of long term abuse.

Rhodonite is aligned with the Heart chakra, supporting and opening it so that love can enter. It also resonates with the Base chakra and is helpful in integrating intuition and instinctive feelings with your physical reality and behavior.

Uses for Rhodonite

Use Rhodonite to help with meditation and to keep you focused on what you really want to manifest in your life. Formulate an intention before you begin to meditate and make sure to use only positive language. Keep your intention in the present tense, as if your desires are already manifested. For example, if you intend to forgive yourself for abusing your own health, your intention will say “I forgive myself for excessive indulgence and I now feel vibrant, vital and alive”.

The process of setting your intentions with Rhodonite can benefit through activation of the Heart Chakra. Sit or lie in a comfortable position and hold the stone in your hand, or place it in your lap. Close your eyes and allow your breathing to become slow and comfortable. Now send your intention into your Rhodonite crystal and ask that it holds the pattern of your thoughts for you. Breathe your intentions into the stone and feel it responding by sending soothing, positive vibrations into your body and up into your Heart chakra.

Rhodonite can also be used to protect you from negative vibrations and outside influences. Wear it in jewelry or carry a piece around with you to keep your aura clear and to promote a feeling of peace with the world. It is said to be an extremely beneficial crystal for turning back insults, dispersing anger and preventing retaliation.

Setting your intentions into Rhodonite Beads and wearing them in handmade jewelry is a great way to take advantage of the energy, and serves as continual reminder of your self promise.

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