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Mookaite Jasper: Meaning, Metaphysical Properties & Uses

Mookaite Jasper: Meaning, Metaphysical Properties & Uses

Mookaite is the name for Australian Jasper. It has a wonderfully bold and vital energy and is mostly found in vibrant colors of fiery red and sunshine yellow. It is a traditional Aboriginal Mother Earth Stone and is gaining in popularity throughout the world as a stone to empower and enhance the connection between humans and the natural electromagnetic currents of the planet.

Mookaite Jasper


Mookaite is said to promote a feeling of unity and connection with the Earth. It brings mental peace regarding the ageless and timeless aspect of our existence here on Earth, facilitating acceptance of the natural cycles and rhythms of life. This form of Jasper is believed to increase the our will and to focus our personal power. It gets its name from Mooka creek, where it was originally found. The Aboriginal term “Mooka” means “running waters” and it is formed from the remains of  microscopic protozoa with a hard silica shell that were once abundant in the seas that covered this area millions of years ago.

Metaphysical Qualities

Mookaite is used as a healing crystal to provide balance between inner and outer experiences. As an Earth stone it has a grounding effect on the subtle body and helps to integrate spiritual and mental energies with the vibrational energy of the physical body. 

Mookaite is said to impart both the desire for new experiences and a deep inner clam which empowers us to face them. It is a stone of infinite possibilities and imparts mental flexibility by dispersing rigid thought patterns.

Emotionally, Mookaite is used to help with stress. It is said to be especially helpful when used in meditation to uncover the root causes of emotional disturbances and upset. It promotes a calm and stable frame of mind in which any negative or traumatic experiences can be examined and released.

Uses for Mookaite

Mookaite can be used very effectively in all kinds of energy healing and chakra balancing. The red energy of the darker shades of Mookaite stimulate the Base chakra and can be used to activate Kundalini energy. This is the energy of creation in all its varying forms and when the Base chakra is balanced we feel both physically and emotionally strong and secure.

Gold and scarlet shades of Mookaite stimulate and activate the energies of the Sacral chakra. When this center is in balance Life Force Energy flows freely through the subtle body. Mookaite helps to dissolve energy blockages and to disperse negative vibrations from the Sacral chakra, enabling us to “go with the flow” and to maintain a sense of harmony and equilibrium with the outside world.

Create handmade jewelry with Mookaite beads to take advantage of its energy during daily tasks.

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