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How To Care For Pearl And Amber Jewelry

How To Care For Pearl And Amber Jewelry

When you buy or receive new jewelry it is always a good idea to find out whether the stones need any special care to keep them at their best. Some gemstones are very hardwearing and can take a lot of knocks without suffering any detrimental effects. Others need to be treated with care, and what suits one fragile gemstone may not suit another, so it is not enough to simply clean all of your jewelry with soap and water.

How To Care For Pearl Jewelry

Pearl is universally popular. It is a timeless classic and holds special properties that make it unique amongst gemstones in many ways. Firstly, it is not actually a rock or mineral but is composed of organic matter secreted by a living organism, usually an oyster, but other mollusks also produce pearls. Secondly, it is very susceptible to the oils in the skin of the wearer. In some ways this adds to its mystique, because no two pearls will ever hold exactly the same vibration or energy as each will be influenced by the bio field of whoever owns and wears it.

The mantra you need to remember for your Pearl jewelry should be “last on, first off”. Pearls are adversely affected by the many chemical we are exposed to in our modern lives, including soap, shampoo, make up and perfume. Do not wear pearl gemstone jewelry when cleaning as the many chemical in cleaning products can have a devastating effect on their luster. Avoid wearing them when cooking too, as even natural ingredients like vinegar and lemon juice may damage the delicate surface of a Pearl.

Chlorine in the swimming pool should be avoided, and although Pearls are created in salt water by shellfish, the abrasive nature of sand means that wearing Pearls on the beach is never a good idea!

To keep them at their best, wipe them with a damp cloth occasionally, and with a soft dry cloth frequently. Always make sure your Pearls are completely air-dried before storing them in soft cloth or chamois leather pouches away from other stones, and do not expose them to dry heat if you can avoid it.

How To Care For Amber Jewelry

Again, Amber is not a rock or mineral but is the fossilized resin of trees and plants. It is therefore organic in origin and needs to be cared for accordingly. Amber measured only 2.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness for gemstones and is therefore quite soft and fragile. It can be scratched quite easily so it is best to avoid wearing any Amber jewelry when you are engaged in manual tasks such as cleaning or gardening. Like Pearl, it does not respond well to chemicals and should also be subjected to the “Last on, first off” rule to avoid getting hair or skin products on the surface of the gem.

It is best to avoid soap all together when cleaning your Amber jewelry, although some sources recommend soft liquid soap and a soft bristled brush for cleaning Amber that is set in silver.

Amber naturally darkens over time, and this adds to its appeal for many people. Red Amber is particularly striking. The darker shades of Amber may well be older than the more golden shades, but this is not a scientific measure of the age of your gems. No matter what the color, you can preserve the sheen and the beauty of your amber by polishing it with a little olive oil from time to time. Use only a very small amount of oil and carefully work it into and over the stone. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then rub off all of the oil residue with a soft, lint free cloth. 

Last Words

Organic gemstones, like Pearl, Amber and Abalone need to be cared for, and stored, with reverence and gentleness. Keep them in their own box or pouch, away from other harder stones which may scratch them and allow them to absorb only the natural oils of your own skin.  Think of them as still living and you will not go far wrong. 

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