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Beading Needles: Choosing The Correct Type Of Needle

Beading Needles: Choosing The Correct Type Of Needle

With so many different types of beading needles choosing the correct one for the first time can be a challenging task. In this article you'll learn all about the different needle qualities, characteristics, and which needles best suite various applications.

Collapsible Eye Needles

Collapsible Eye Beading Needle

Collapsible eye needles are a flexible twisted needle with a very large eye – making them great for people who have trouble threading needles. The eye is flexible enough that when it’s pulled through a bead hole it simple collapsed and goes through. Collapsible Eye needles come in 3 different weights; fine, medium and heavy. Choosing which needle to use depends in the size of the thread and holes that you’ll be working with. You can find information about needles diameters on the packaging. Collapsible eye needles will last several uses.

Big Eye Needles

Big Eye Needles

Big Eye Needles are great for application where requiring frequently rethreading the needle or using heavier weight thread. The hole in the Big Eye Needle runs the entire length of the needle making threading a breeze and putting no limit on thread or cord size. These needles are flexible and durable, lasting several uses.

Curved Big Eye Needles

Curved Big Eye Needles

Curved Big Eye Needles are similar to Big Eye Needles in that they have an eye that extends the entire length of the needle, but as the name states they are curves with a hook at one end. This needle type is used with the Spin-n-Bead which is essentially a bowl that spins on a center axis with seed beads inside. Sticking the hooked end of the needle into the spinning bowl will result in the beads climbing up the needle to save time when bead stringing. Curved Big Eye Needles are also useful for getting cord around the corner when threading 3 holed guru beads during mala making.

Beading Needle For Elastic Stretch Cord

Elastic Cord Beading Needle

The Elastic Cord Beading Needle is great for planning out your designs and saving time when making bracelets. You simply put of all your beads on the needle to visualize the design, and then once you have a design that you like, just place the elastic cord over the hook on the end of the needle and push the beads off the needle and onto the cord.

Beading Needle Sizes

Beading needles come in various sizes for different applications and range in diameter from 0.2mm for tiny beads to 0.8mm for larger beads. The different sizes are often labeled as 'fine', 'medium', and 'heavy'. Some brands take the needle diameters to the extremes with designations of 'extra fine' and 'extra heavy'. Regardless of how the thicknesses is labeled, check the packaging for an actual diameter number to ensure that the needle thickness will work for your application.

And remember that you'll be doubling up your cord when using needles, so you need to consider that when trying to assemble the fitting kit for your project.

You can find all of these needles and more in our Beading Needles Collection.

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  • Mar 27, 2024

    This is just the information I needed. Fixing s bracelet for a friend and need to use elastic thread. Perfect timing I’ll get my order in.

    — Joyce

  • Oct 26, 2023

    Thanks for the info!

    — Dorothy

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