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Roman Glass · Matte · Heishi Disk · 5mm, 6mm

SKU RG-He05M046

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Strand Length: approx. 15 inches.

The Silk Road was a network of ancient trade routes that facilitated the exchange of textiles, spices, and other goods between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia for over a millennium. Though maritime routes were important, the Silk Road constituted the primary land-based connection. Along this route, artifacts like glass beads offer valuable insights into trade and craftsmanship of the era. These beads were composed primarily of silica (sand) and soda (crushed limestone), with added colorants. A major branch of the Silk Road passed through regions like modern-day Afghanistan, where these beads were created using similar glassmaking techniques, materials, and designs, highlighting the enduring legacy of this historic trade network.

Bead Count

Count of Beads: 160

Note: These are general guidelines. The actually count may be greater or slightly less than stated.

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Joyce N.
Roman glass

Beautiful colors, true to picture. I might pair this with some amber and vintage silver.