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Love Kit #2: 90" of Beads, Elastic Cord & Needle


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Expands your consciousness and integrates the spiritual with the material aspects of love giving a dynamic and positive attitude to life.

This kit includes:

  • 3 x 15-inch strand of 6mm Smooth Round Hematite beads.
  • 3 x 15-inch strand of 6mm Smooth Round Madagascar Rose Quartz beads.
  • 1 x Elasticity Stretch Cord, 0.5 mm (.020in), Clear, 25 m (82ft).
  • 1 x Big Eye Beading Needles, 4.5 in (11.6 cm), 4 pc.

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About The Workshop

Waist beads are so much more than the fad or fashion statement to which they have
been relegated in modern society.

Waist beads are considered to have spiritual and cultural significance in various
indigenous societies. They are used to surround the circumference of the body to
balance and clear the energy centers (chakras) and elevate the body’s energetic
frequency. Adolescent girls and women are given or make waist beads to protect or
amplify their energy; to ground their physical body; to connect with nature; to
attract success and prosperity; and to celebrate womanhood, sexuality, femininity,
and spirituality. In the fast paced, chaotic energy of today’s modern world, many
women find themselves stressed out, experiencing both internal and external
chaos or confusion, and often feel unsafe or unprotected. In the Sacred Dignity
workshop, women will be guided and supported in not just crafting or stringing
waist beads but will also learn the appropriate prayers to use when crafting,
charging, and cleaning them, using the energy of the gemstones to shield around
and within the body. It is our humble and reverent intention to gather women and
share the ancient wisdom of using gemstones to create waist beads so that the
women will have an intimate knowledge of how to:

String Them!
Charge Them!
Wear Them!
Clean Them!

As tools to amplify their feminine presence and embody their personal power.

The Sacred Dignity Virtual Workshop is facilitated by Elder and Cultural Custodian,
Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant.

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