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Larvikite (Black Labradorite) · Smooth · Heishi Disk · 6mm

SKU HeLarv06S007

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Strand Length: approx. 15.5 inches.

Dimensions: 6mm x 2mm | Approx. 190 pieces.

100% natural larvikite (Black Labradorite) beads.

Mined from the enchanting quarries of Norway's Larvik region, Larvikite is a gemstone like no other. With its captivating silver-gray shimmer and natural iridescence, each piece becomes a wearable work of art.

Larvikite is referred to as "black labradorite" due to its visual resemblance and shared mineral composition with labradorite. Both larvikite and labradorite belong to the feldspar mineral group and share a common feature known as labradorescence.

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Bead Count

Count of beads on a strand: 190 beads.

Note: These are general guidelines. The actually count may be greater or slightly less than stated.
Hole Size

Bead hole size: 1.0mm

Note: These are general guidelines. The actually hole size may be slightly larger or smaller than stated.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joyce N.

Very nice, and still shows colors was not sure if would have luminescence as round beads. Very glad I purchased it.

Lorraine W.
These are beautiful beads

I love this stone it's one of my favorites 💗