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The Observer

 The Observer is a list of websites, Facebook groups, and Instagram pages that we like and feel are worth sharing. Some have great products, others have good information, and the rest are just entertaining. As we find new content we'll share it here.  

The Bead Community

The Bead Community is a Facebook group run by Tejas Beads to allow gem lovers to come together in sharing their handmade jewelry creations, thoughts, and ideas. Posts and discussions about all things jewelry making are welcome.

Planet Rocks - Minerals - Fossils - Geology

Planet Rocks is a Facebook group for people who study, collect and appreciate Rocks, Minerals and Fossils from around the world, and the science of Geology, that studies how they are created. It is a great place to learn about minerals and post questions for the group to engage with.

New England Mineral Extractor

NE Mineral Extractor is a long time friend of ours who specializes in self-collecting minerals around the Northeast United states. He regularly post specimens that he finds at various sites in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. Give his Instagram a follow to see some unique minerals!

Jewel School

Jewel School is a YouTube channel that has all sort of great information on everything from wire wrapping and bead stringing to information on jewelry supplies and tools. These fast paced videos have quality content and are fun to watch as well. is a great resource for credible information on rocks, minerals, and anything else related to the science of geology. When discussing gemstones they provide well rounded facts about a stones physical properties, history, commercial uses, common alterations and treatments, as well as any other relevant notables. is a great resource for scientific information about minerals. Below are a couple of links to educate about mineral structures, some of which can be useful in understanding when choosing gemstone beads for jewelry making.