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Elastic Floss Stretchy Cord · 0.5mm · 60m (196ft)

SKU Z-TB-Stretch0.5White001

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Note: 1 spool of elastic floss per order.

High quality elastic floss stretchy cord to make your jewelry last! This material is extremely strong and has a compressible quality to it. It is well suited to fit through small holes and can be often be doubled, tripled, or even quadruple up to give bracelets that firm elastic quality. Knots stay tied with this cord, but it's never a bad idea to add a dab of G-S Hypo Cement to ensure that it doesn't come undone.

Customer Reviews

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Christopher V.
Great cord!

When I first received this floss it seemed flimsy and low quality, but after reaching out to Tejas Bead about it, they informed me that I'd grow fond of it if I simply double it up, burn the tips after cutting to prevent fraying, and put a little GS Hypo Cement on the knots to keep them secure. I made a few bracelets with it over the last 6 or 7 months, and I've come to the conclusion that this is the best elastic cord out there! It doesn't loose it's stretch like some of the other brands and it seems to hold up better. I just decided purchase the other colors. Thanks again for carrying great products!