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Black Spinel A · Smooth · Round · 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

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Strand Length: approx. 15.5 inches.

100% natural black spinel beads.

Spinel has a specific gravity of 3.6g/cm3, meaning that they are about 30% heavier than quartz. If you need something to add a little weight to your jewelry, this is it!

Spinel typically has a deep black color and a slightly metallic luster. And while more rare, it is also found in a variety of different colors ranging from translucent greys to pink. 

Spinel is found in a number of different locations around the world, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Australia. It is one of the harder stones rating an 8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it ideal for long lasting jewelry that won't scuff or scratch over time.

Black spinel is also believed to have a number of metaphysical properties, including the ability to grounding and protection. As a result, the gemstone is often worn by people who are looking to encourage positive energy and ward off negative influences.

Bead Count

Count of beads on a strand:

  • 4mm = 85 Beads
  • 6mm = 58 Beads
  • 8mm = 45 Beads
  • 10mm = 36 Beads
  • 12mm = 30 Beads
Note: These are general guidelines. The actually count may be greater or slightly less than stated.
Hole Size

Bead hole size ranges:

  • 4mm = 0.6mm to 0.8mm
  • 6mm = 0.8mm to 1.0mm
  • 8mm = 0.8mm to 1.0mm
  • 10mm = 1.0mm and larger
Note: These are general guidelines. The actually hole size may be slightly larger or smaller than stated.

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Gorgeous. Exactly as advertised, more beautiful than the picture!