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Tourmalated Quartz · Microfaceted · Rondelle · 2x3mm, 3x4mm


SKU ReQuaTou2x3MF002
In Stock: 78

Strand Length: 15 to 16 inches 

This natural Tourmalated Quartz has not been treated to enhance color or clarity in any way.

Tourmalated Quartz combines pristine ice water clear quartz with precise, naturally occurring black needle-like inclusions of Black Tourmaline. Originating in Africa, Tourmalated Quartz is a grounding stone that strengthens the body’s own energy field against external invasion – both practical and spiritual. This stone is known to bring balance to the Yin and Yang energies.

Restorative of harmony and tranquility. From deep and mysterious to clear and sparkling with a range of rich shades between. Our microfaceted stones are sure to attract the attention of someone who appreciates your style and presence.