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Emerald · Microfaceted · Round · 3mm, 4mm, 5mm


SKU 4RdEme03MF005
In Stock: 46

Note: The photos are of the 5mm, but the 3mm and 4mm are a higher quality.... cleaner and with a nicer shade of green.  See comparison photo.

Strand Length: approx. 15.5 inches.

These natural emerald beads have not been treated to enhance color or clarity in any way.

A true emerald is a breathtaking sight. Because of its magnificent pastel green color, it is no surprise that it deserves a place among the “big four” most popular gems in the world - diamond, ruby and sapphire. In the United States, some of the rarest emeralds can be found in North Carolina. This strikingly beautiful gemstone is sometimes called the “stone of successful love” because it opens the heart and brings freshness to the spirit. When added to an accessory collection, the profound green color stands out making the emerald an unmistakably classy addition to any wardrobe.