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Black Spinel · Lantern Faceted · Rondelle · 3mm, 4mm, 5mm **CLEARANCE**

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SKU 5ReSpiBla03MF010

Strand Length: approx. 15.5 inches.

100% natural black spinel beads.

Spinel has a specific gravity of 3.6g/cm3, meaning that they are about 30% heavier than quartz. If you need something to add a little weight to your jewelry, this is it!

Spinel typically has a deep black color and a slightly metallic luster. And while more rare, it is also found in a variety of different colors ranging from translucent greys to pink. 

Spinel is found in a number of different locations around the world, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Australia. It is one of the harder stones rating an 8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it ideal for long lasting jewelry that won't scuff or scratch over time.

Black spinel is also believed to have a number of metaphysical properties, including the ability to grounding and protection. As a result, the gemstone is often worn by people who are looking to encourage positive energy and ward off negative influences.

Bead Count

Count of beads on a strand:

  • 1x2mm= 360 Beads
  • 2x3mm = 180 Beads
  • 3x4mm = 120 Beads
Note: These are general guidelines. The actually count may be greater or slightly less than stated.
Hole Size

Bead hole size ranges:

  • 1x2mm = 0.3mm to 0.5mm
  • 2x3mm = 0.3mm to 0.5mm
  • 3x4mm = 0.5mm to 0.8mm
Note: These are general guidelines. The actually hole size may be slightly larger or smaller than stated.

For beads 4mm and smaller, it is recommended to start with stringing wires no larger than .013inch / .33mm. This will ensure a proper fit and in most cases allow for feeding of the wire tip back through the beads for a clean finish.

Elastic cords can be used with beads 4mm and larger, but it will not fit through most beads smaller than 4mm. It's recommended to use 0.5mm elastic cord.

These recommendations are intended to help guide you for a successful project. With time and experience you'll discover what works best for your designs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I bought many strands of these beads last year. They are beautiful, and their sparkle is amazing.

Black Spinel Lantern Shaped

These black spinel lantern shaped beads are beautiful, faceted and well cut. Their unusual shape and size can be used on their own or as accent and spacer beads.


Nice beads.

very shiny and beautiful

I love Black Spinel and have purchased it from various places, but this one is a good size and has a nice cut, so it shines beautifully and sharply, so I recommend it. I would like to purchase it again!


These beads are beautiful, and very sparkly.


I love these beads. They are very sparkly, and useful for the jewelry I make.