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Elastic Stretchy Cord w/ Dispenser · 1.0mm · 40m (131ft)


SKU Z-TB-Strech1.0White002
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High quality elastic floss stretchy cord to make your jewelry last! This material is extremely strong and has a compressible quality to it. It is well suited to fit through small holes and can be often be doubled, tripled, or even quadruple up to give bracelets that firm elastic quality. Knots stay tied with this cord, but it's never a bad idea to add a dab of GS Hypo Cement to ensure that it doesn't come undone.

Floss is different from other monofilament stretchy cords in that it's fibrous. It's more elastic and has less tendency to stretch out over time. You'll need to burn the tips of this cord to keep it from fraying and using some glue to keep the knot from coming untied is good measure.